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    • Must own a legal copy of Grand Theft Auto V for PC. (Excludes Dispatchers)
    • Must be at least sixteen (16) years of age.
    • Must be able to write and understand English to a high standard.
    • Must have a working microphone and headset.
    • Must be able to run the following programs on your PC without issue:
      • MDT/CAD 
      • FiveM (Excluding Dispatchers)
      • TeamSpeak 3
      • Discord
    • Must not falsify any information on the application or throughout the entire recruitment process.
    • Must be able to work in a team environment.
    • Must show respect to fellow members & administrators.
    • Must consent to being recorded while in-game for the purposes of live streaming and content creation.
    • Must read, understand, and comply with all community Rules and Regulations as outlined here.

    • The Rules & Regulations are enforced on behavior and regulations set on an official MainlandRP asset. However, Community Administration can step in if behavior by a member is deemed to be extremely harmful or severe. Members may face disciplinary action for actions taken outside of MainlandRP assets as well.
    • If a member demonstrates behavior that is not explicitly prohibited in these rules and regulations, but is very close to violating one of the policies listed in this document, then Community Administration may approve disciplinary action per the closest or most accurate policy violation.
    • MainlandRP is not affiliated with any real life law-enforcement agency, and our opinions and values do not reflect any real life government agency or department.
    • No Community Member (including Administration) shall ask for any information more private than an E-Mail address and your firstname and last initial. If any person requests any additional information that is deemed confidential or private (such as; passwords, home address, account login information, etc) do not provide such information and contact a member of the Management Team immediately.
      • In the event that a member is suspected of being under the age of sixteen, community administration is permitted to ask for verifiable evidence that proves the member’s age meets or exceeds the age limit.
    • Members of the community are not responsible for providing any real-life aid for any emergency that occurs with one of our members.
    • Once accepted into the community, all members automatically consent to being recorded for content creation purposes.
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